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Bob Shively Coaches Award

In Memory of the late Bob Shively, Kids For Sports Foundation is awarding a coach from one of our many local communities each year. The awarded coach will receive $1000 to put back into their program or a program of their choice. To nominate a coach in your area click on the application below, fill out and submit it to:





This will be given out once a year to a coach from any of our local communities.

These communities being Virgin Valley, Bunkerville, Littlefield, Beaver Dam, Logandale, Overton and Moapa Valley.

The coach can be nominated by anyone in the community.

The coach can be from any age group, from little league, club, high school, etc.

Nominations will be open until June 1 each year and then starting over July 1.

Who is eligible?

Sport Tactics

Bob Shively loved Kids For Sports Foundation and everything it stood for. He dedicated his time to making the community better and creating a place that was safe and helped the community. He truly believed that kids are our future and we needed to do what we could to help them succeed.

He even led by example showing compassion, community involvement, volunteering as many ways possible for the community, and even being citizen of the year.

Kids For Sports Foundation understood Bob’s passion and would like to share the same with the local communities.

What are we looking for?

Kids For Sports Foundation is looking for coaches that are dedicated, compassionate, and leaders making an impact on the community and children.


Nominations run from July 1 to June 1 each year. The winning coach will be announced at the end of June.

 The coach will be recognized throughout the community and receive a monetary award of $1000 to put towards their team or league.

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